Hello world!

The default title of the first post on here is pretty fitting. For those who haven’t tried their hand at programming “Hello world!” is generally one of the first things someone does when trying to learn some of the basics. Even someone more experienced often uses it when learning a new language.

On the other hand, it’s a simple greeting. Should an alien ever land on this planet, it might be something we could expect them to say followed by “We come in peace” of course. One of the simplest analogies I’ve often read for Autism Spectrum Disorder would be like dropping an anthropologist from another planet on Earth. This is fitting because even if you know how to speak the same language of someone you would not be familiar with their customs or social expectations which leads to a lot of misunderstandings.

In case you couldn’t tell where I was going with my oh so clever opening, I am a programmer with Autism Spectrum Disorder. No one can be summed up with so few words and I am no exception because I am much more as well, like a husband and a father which are much more important identifying traits to me. However, they are two important parts of my identity. One because it is my profession and something I excel at and enjoy doing and the other because in recent months I’ve learned of Autism Spectrum Disorder and how much more my past and current life makes sense.

When I first started reading up on this, I had a pretty bad understanding of what Autism really is. Once I started reading and realized this sounded like me, I became engrossed and have expanded my perception of how broad the spectrum really is. I decided as a means of catharsis I wanted to write about my past and some of my realizations in recent months as well as hopefully bring some awareness to others since I never knew how little I understood.

Anyhow, I think this is it for my introduction post. I highly recommend Why You’re Probably Thinking of Autism Wrong if you’re interested in a short read that will better explain autism in the mean time.

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